The Hansen Group is dedicated to professional, ethical representation for manufacturers of food service equipment and supplies. We associate with manufacturers who align with our business principles and practices by marketing and selling their products to wholesale dealers and distributors. We offer our dealers high quality sales contacts with restaurant chains, clubs, hospitals, schools, and prisons by providing knowledge and assistance in using these products.

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The Hansen Group services the Educational Foodservices Industry.

From K-12 to Higher Education, the focus is to provide our kids with the highest quality foods while meeting the challenges of a tighter budget. Choosing the right equipment to increase productivity and efficiency is key to meeting the demands of high-volume kitchens. From serving lines to under the hood, we provide all solutions to meet these demands.

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The Hansen Group services the Restaurant and QSR Industry.

From QSR to fine dining, we represent manufacturers that provide products from table-top to large equipment. Our work within the restaurant segment has given us great insight on how to make your kitchen meet the demands of today’s competitive market. From a single-store to a large chain, our customers know the value we provide and the quality of the products we represent.

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The Hansen Group services
the Healthcare Industry.

The number one priority in Healthcare foodservice is patient satisfaction. Service can vary tremendously from in-room meal delivery to large food court style service. With the help of our manufacturers, we can provide the tools needed to raise the standard and beat the expectations of any patient.

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The Hansen Group services the Travel and Leisure Industry.

Whether you’re in Nashville, TN. or Destin, FL., our territory is home to some of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the US. We know that it takes the right equipment to meet the expectations of travelers and locals alike. Hotels and caterers continue to grow exponentially and need to accommodate a wide variety of services.

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The Hansen Group services the Retail Host Industry.

The Hansen Group has provided some of the largest convenience store and retail host operators in the Southeast with the equipment necessary to meet the demand for on-the-go food solutions. Our equipment lines can offer solutions for accelerated cooking, refrigeration, storage
and display.

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The Hansen Group services the Government and Corrections Industry.

The Hansen Group has been selling quality equipment to institutional facilities for over 60 years. Our relationships within this segment have given us a deep understanding of what it takes to feed high volumes of consumers. From transporting hundreds of meals to troops
or feeding in a cafeteria, we can easily meet the demand of the institutional market.

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